California Corporations


Alphabetical Listing of California Corporations

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California Land Title of Marin
California Land Title Research Company
California Land Trustee Corporation
California Land Yacht Harbor, Inc.
California Land Yachts Inc.
California Landbank, Inc. A Land Company
California Landesigns Group, Inc.
California Landfair Associates, Inc.
California Landfill Development, Inc.
California Landing Villas Association
California Landlord Service, Inc.
California Landlords Association
California Landmark - B G Ii, Inc.
California Landmark - Beverly Glen, Inc.
California Landmark - G & M, Inc.
California Landmark Corporation
California Landmark Group
California Landmark One
California Landmark-West L.A., Inc.
California Landmarks Foundation
California Landowner's Association
California Lands Construction Corp.
California Landscape & Design, Inc.
California Landscape & Gardening Services, Inc
California Landscape and Erosion Control Co., Inc.
California Landscape and Irrigation Council
California Landscape Architectural Student Scholarship Fund, Inc.
California Landscape Associates
California Landscape Concepts
California Landscape Construction, Inc.
California Landscape Contractors' Association, Inc.
California Landscape Dimensions, Inc.
California Landscape Inc.
California Landscape Maintenance, Inc.
California Landscape Maintenance, Inc.
California Landscape Management, Corp.
California Landscape Safety Association
California Landscape Supply, Inc.
California Landscaping and Engineering, Inc.
California Landscaping Supply Inc.
California Language Academy, Inc.
California Language Center
California Language Institute
California Language Institute Inc.
California Language Institution
California Language Service, Inc.
California Language Teachers' Association, Inc.
California Lanvest International Inc.
California Laparoscopic Institute Medical Group, Inc.
California Lapping and Polishing, Inc.
California Larchen, Inc.
California Laser - Copy, Inc.
California Laser and Embroidery, Inc
California Laser Company
California Laser Corporation
California Laser Eye Associates, a Medical Corporation
California Laser Medical Center, Inc.
California Laser, Aesthetic & Med Spa, Inc.
California Laser, Inc.
California Lasers, Inc.
California Lasik Center, Inc.
California Latex Corporation
California Lathers, Inc.
California Lathing & Plastering Contractors' Association, Sacramento Chapter
California Lathing Company
California Lathing Materials, Inc.
California Latin Association for Success
California Latin Athletic Club
California Latin Jewelers, Inc.
California Latinas for Reproductive Justice
California Latino Agricultural Association
California Latino and Mexican American Communities Development Corporation (Calamac Development Corporation)
California Latino Association of Business Owners, Inc.
California Latino Business Network, Inc.
California Latino Capitol Association
California Latino Capitol Association Foundation
California Latino Civil Rights Network
California Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
California Latino Fair
California Latino Leadership United for Healthy Communities
California Latino Legislative Caucus Institute
California Latino Legislative Caucus Institute for Public Policy
California Latino Medical Association, Inc.
California Latino Psychological Association
California Latino Re-Districting Coalition
California Latino School Boards Association
California Latino Superintendents Association
California Latino Water Coalition
California Latino Water Coalition Foundation
California Launch Service Corp.