California Companies

California Companies

This website contains information about corporations (but not LLCs or limited partnerships) registered in the state of California. The information we publish is based on public records provided to us by the California Secretary of State (SoS). Similar information can be found using the business entity search tool provided by the SoS. We publish the information here in the interest of making it available in a way that is accessible to the average internet user.

Research Tips

  • If you're doing more than just casual research, go to the source. The corporation listings on this website are sort of like Wikipedia. They provide an accessible and generally accurate starting point, but they're certainly not authoritative. If you need to be sure, check with the SoS. They have the most up-to-date information and are the only source that can guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide.
  • For the most up-to-date information, check with the SoS. Our pages are based upon batch data from the SoS and are only updated periodically. The date of the most recent update is listed on our disclaimer page.

Useful links

  • Corporation and Business Entity Search - This is official business search from the SoS. It includes corporations, LLCs & limited partnerships, but you can only search by business name or registration number.
  • SoS Certificates, Copies, and Status Reports - Provides information about requesting certificates, copies of records and status reports from the SoS.
  • Frequently Requested Information - Details what information is and is not available from the SoS. Also lists where some of the information that is not available from the SoS can be found.
  • Publicly Traded Disclosure Search - Publicly traded companies in California must file a Corporate Disclosure Statement. These statements contain information not included in the business record, such as directors and executive officers and their compensation.
  • EDGAR - Additional information information about publicly traded companies can be obtained by searching for their SEC filing through EDGAR.
  • CorporationWiki - CorporationWiki has corporation information for twenty-five states (including California) and allows you to search multiple states at once. They also offer a relationship visualizer, which is very interesting if the parties involved in a corporation also happen to be involved with other corporations. However, we have a few cautionary notes about CorporationWiki. First of all, we're not sure how current the CorporationWiki information is, as none of their pages seem to be dated. We also find that the text on CorporationWiki pages is pretty mechanical and doesn't provide much explanation. All in all, though, CorporationWiki is a useful resource.
  • Research RoundUp: Business Filings Databases Updated - A very good summary of business filing information each state makes available and where to find it. This page is a good alternative to the sites listed below.

Company profile sites:

For some companies, additional information can be found on the various "company profile" sites, like Manta. These sites seem to draw from sources other than just the state's corporation records and often include additional useful information, such as which industry a corporation is part of, revenue, and the number of employees. Because revenue and employee numbers seem to be based upon an informal, and obviously non-binding, telephone survey, you should be wary of their accuracy.

  • Manta - This site requires you to register and log-in to see full information.
  • Dun & Bradstreet - This site requires a purchase to view anything beyond name and address. It provides information to assess the credit-worthiness of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Hoovers - This is another website by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). It includes the same information as the main D&B site but reveals some of that information without requiring a purchase. From what we can tell the following information is available: business name, address, and telephone, dollar value of sales, and the names of company executives. However, the site can only be searched by company name.